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Why Use A Professional Real Estate Photographer

I’ve been doing real estate photography for a couple of years and the hardest part I’ve found is helping agents realize the importance of hiring not just a photographer to photograph the listing, but a professional photographer. Here are some reasons why any agent—new...

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DIY Real Estate Photography

Some real estate agents prefer taking their own photos for their listings, which is fine. Preferably, you would want a professional photographer taking your photos, but I can understand that there might be times where a professional would be overkill. Here are some...

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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Editing Real Estate Photos

Have you been looking for an all-in-one video course on real estate photo editing? I've been shooting real estate photos for about two years and I've been able to put together a comprehensive video series on how I edit real estate photography. Keep in mind that these...

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Utah Real Estate Listing Video

Truth be told, I rarely see anyone offering a video tour of a home that looks as good as what I'm about to show you. I have seen real estate slideshow videos and I have seen real estate agents use a slideshow videos, but often times it doesn’t have the agent's contact...

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What is Advanced HDR Photography?

What Does HDR Mean For Real Estate Photography? The short answer for what does HDR mean is High-Dynamic Range. Ok, so what does that mean? It means that the photograph contains multi-exposures (3-image or 3-shot burst) to balance the lighting from the dark-darks and...

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Utah Drone Photography and Videography For Real Estate

When I first started real estate photography, I noticed that there were too many photographers in the niche who did not have their drone license. After getting my license, I realized the huge potential drone photography can have on the market. Some reasons why any...

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The Most Comprehensive Guide To Video Editing

Have you been looking for an all-in-one video course on video editing? I've been filming and editing videos for over five years and I've been able to put together a comprehensive video series on how I edit video. Keep in mind that these videos don't show 100% of what...

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Real Estate Social Media Marketing

3 Things fascinate me in the real estate realm: Real Estate Marketing Social Media Content Creation By trade, I’m a content creator. My niche is in real estate photography. And the value I want to provide to agents is developing the competitive edge of social media...

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How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost?

I get a lot of comments on how great my photography is, my Aerials, and how awesome it is to have a video with every listing. On the same token I also get comments on how expensive my real estate marketing package is. It's not a matter of perceived value of my product...

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