Video Marketing

Optimized video production

video marketing & seo


Topic Brainstorm

Brain dump anything and everything you can talk about when it comes to your product and service. There are no wrong answers.

Keyword Research

Based on your niche and needs, we’ll research key phrases that your ideal customers are currently looking for.


Create Outline

After revealing crucial search terms, you can begin creating outlines that address those phrases to prep for video production.

Bulk Filming

Efficiency is key. Production day will be a day filled of filming numerous videos back to back.

Social Media Upload

Upload videos to Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to gain traction and followers.

Social Media Marketing

Paid ads are encouraged, but not required. Depending on how fast you want business will determine if this is an option worth exploring.

Utah video marketing

I’ve worked with many companies, brands, and startups to increase sales and improve efficiencies. Leveraging experts, creating videos, and delivering results is what I do. If you need more business, let’s get started with video marketing. If you need more brand awareness, you need video marketing. Video is the best way to drive more traffic and get more exposure back to your site where you can close deals. If you’re not getting into video now, you’ll be hurting your business in the long run.

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