Zoom H1n Audio Settings For Video

Set up

  • Give lapel and recorder to subject and have them run it through their shirt
  • Have subject clip the lapel onto their shirt first and let them know you’ll be adjusting it.
  • Ensure mic is parallel (up & down) to their body
  • Verify that the lapel mic is not touching or rubbing anything hard or abrasive 
  • Ensure that the microphone is plugged into mic jack, not headphone jack
  • Have the subject hide the wires by tucking excess wires into their shirt, pocket, or belt


  • Ensure a memory card no bigger than 32GB is inserted and that the recorder shows no errors in reading the card
  • Power on recorder
  • Mic Volume = 62
  • Back settings (Say these out loud when verifying)
    • File type = wav
    • Auto adjust volume = Off
    • Lo Cut = On
    • Press record
    • Confirm that the time counter is going up
    • Adjust power switch to “Hold”
    • Press the record button to verify that “Hold” appears on screen and the recording does not stop

Start Recording

  • When the microphone is set up and hot, you’ll have about 5 minutes before you have to start recording again for easy editing
  • When you start rolling the recording on the camera, have the subject clap loudly and distinctly 3 times
  • This will cause audio spikes in the recording of the audio and video for easy syncing