Why Does Your Business Need Video Marketing

Frankly, if you’re not implementing video in your business right now, your business is missing out. Most small and local businesses tend to think that video is about brand awareness and product & service promotion, but that isn’t the case. You need to look at videos as YouTube and Google look at videos—and that is by providing value to your viewers.

You see, I’m not promoting what I do, I’m telling you that you need to get into video in whatever form or fashion you can; whether it be filming yourself on a webcam, filming yourself on a phone, or hiring somebody to film you and produce high-quality content to represent your brand well.

YouTube is a free platform and most businesses look for paid platforms to promote their product and service. This is the wrong thing to do because YouTube is indexed just like Google and because Google owns YouTube, you basically have another search engine working in your favor. If you’re starting out in video or paying high fees for your video hosting provider, start uploading to YouTube immediately. 

Three Types of Youtube Videos for Business

There are three main purposes for video and they are:

  • Entertainment Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Sales & Promotional Videos

If you’re a local business wanting to use video to drive more traffic to your business, then you’re looking at two aspects for video—education and selling.

Sales Videos for Business

Let’s start with selling. Because I’m behind a camera and I’m the person that people go to when they need a video, I often see that businesses struggle to come up with clever scripts or are somewhat in a hurry to get a promotional video for their site, YouTube, or for an advertising campaign.

Sales videos are basically videos telling a consumer WHAT they could get and WHERE to get it. Hardly anyone is looking for a video to sell them on a product or service. These types of videos are usually put at the top of a sales funnel, distributed AFTER providing value to a customer through a series of videos, or part of a paid advertising campaign.

Gone are the days that people will watch your video to be sold on a product or service. You need to establish yourself as the authority and as the expert in your field, provide value to your viewers in order for them to give you their money.

Sales videos are best achieved AFTER you have given value to your viewers.

Educational Videos for Business

People are online looking for answers to their needs, their questions, or to learn how to do something themselves. So teach them!

When titled correctly and structured correctly, educational videos will attract clients into your business than sales videos alone ever will.

Educational videos are:

  • Searchable with the right keyword phrase
  • Product demos of how to use and maintain your product and service after a consumer has purchased your product or service
  • And rarely, but ideally sharing some sort of secrets you have that provides clarity to your viewers

For instance, make a video explaining to a customer how your product or service SOLVES their problems or a specific problem they may have. You can even provide solutions and alternatives to your product or service that they can do themselves

A word of caution: be sure to not tell them about your competitors, but tell them ways that they, the viewers, can resolve their own issues. This makes you appear as the good guy by providing a solution to their problem while not promoting yourself. Not to mention you’re establishing yourself as the expert at the same time.

Now when they have another issue or another problem you will be their go-to person which will get them used to seeing you and relying on your expertise for their needs.


Provide value for your customers by thinking about what’s in it for them. This will make you the authority and the expert in their eyes which will ultimately help you get their business.

If you feel that I left anything out leave a comment or question in a comment below or email me and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.