What is the best way to sell vacant land?

The best way to sell or market a land listing or plot of land is to showcase its desireable features of the surrounding area. All too often, a photo is posted online to showcase that a plot of land is for sale.

The plot of land is the opportunity for a buyer to come in and purchase it to make it a home. The surrounding area is what will attract the buyer to the listing, see its potential, then make a buying decision.

Should I Use Drone For My Listing?

If you have a plot of land for sale, there’s no better tool to use than drone photos and videos.

I currently use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro in my equipment bag and when using it for any listing, most times I can get supplemental aerial footage or video to aid the agent in their marketing efforts.

When photographing the plot, you’ll want to get a few variations of perspectives of the property. If the agent has it, then use the plot map as an overlay to visually display the property boundaries.

No other tool is able to get perspectives like this other than drone—not even cameras on poles.

An added bonus—if your real estate photographer can do this—is to add boundary lines to the photos.

By adding property lines, your prospective buyers are able to make a better buying decision seeing how they’re able to “fit” into the neighborhood.


Should I Create A Video For My Listing?

Land is already difficult to sell by itself. Once you have drone photos and property boundaries mapped out, you’re on the right track for your marketing content.

Then comes video—most marketing platforms LOVE videos.

Drone videos are a must, especially if your real estate photographer is a Zillow Certified Photographer.

Zillow Video Tours

As a Zillow Certified Photographer, you’re able to load videos directly to Zillow on behalf of the agent to help market the home or listing.

The best part of these videos is that they can be branded! So the agent is able to expand their reach online by showcasing their marketing efforts on Zillow—that’s awesome!

I’ll add the branding of the agent on the video, co brand it with my brand, and upload it to Zillow. The caveat is that the agent has to syndicate their listing from the MLS to Zillow—otherwise I’m not able to post the video.

A Zillow video is just one of the great things I do—then there’s a listing video.

Listing Video Tours

With a listing video to sell a piece of land, you have to become the area expert.

Unlike a listing where you can turn your head and see what features there are around the house, with land you don’t get that luxury—so be sure you know what’s around the area so you can hype it up.

Talk about the amenities that are close by like parks, lakes, shopping centers.

Mention how close it might be to major intersections, highways, or other access points.

Be sure to hit on the points of how the lot is prepped for building a home.

Showcase the types of homes that are being built around it. If the homes are high-end custom homes, be sure to show what they look like.

Pro tip: When using videos in your marketing efforts, you’ll get best results if you upload your videos directly to the platform you’re using.

i.e. When you post a video on Facebook, upload it directly to Facebook. Do not use any other social media link like YouTube. If you post on LinkedIn, upload the video directly to LinkedIn.Do not use any other social media link like Facebook.


All of these, photos, annotations, Zillow drone videos, and video tours will help you in your marketing efforts of selling your vacant land.

It will also set you apart from the other agents who aren’t doing these things and make you the area expert.