Video Ideas You Can Do Now

Video content for your business can outperform blog entries and other social media content. People would rather see your business’ personality, get a quick tip, or answer their questions by watching instead of reading. Here are some quick business video ideas you can implement immediately—or at least put on your marketing team’s radar to produce.

Video Ideas:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • User-Generated Video Topics
  • Tips & Tricks Videos
  • Customer Testimonials Videos
  • Case Study Videos

Frequently Asked Questions Videos

I shouldn’t have to explain what frequently asked questions are nor how to find them. I will, however, stress the importance of getting these questions answered in video and written format. When you can address frequently asked questions on your site, especially in a series of videos, you will reduce your efforts in explaining yourself over and over again. Also, if your potential customers are searching for these questions online, you’ll want to be the one getting in front of them to answer their questions and turn them into paying customers.

Frequently asked questions are the low hanging fruit of video content. These questions may not seem a big deal for you, but they are legitimate questions and problems that people are wanting to find a solution to.

Pro Tip: When you have your list of frequently asked questions, these will basically be the titles of your videos. How else might you reword them and create videos around those as well. You might be sharing the same info, but address the question from a different angle so your video becomes different content. You’ll have more content to support your frequently asked questions topic to increase the likelihood of showing up in search results.

User-Generated Video Topics

User-generated videos are also low-hanging fruit because they are questions you see on your blogs, other social media forums like Quora or Youtube, and believe it or not, questions they aren’t asking are [future] user-generated questions.

When you go through your blog articles, pay attention to the comments and what people are asking. Similarly, go to Quora and Youtube to videos and channels in your industry and see what people are asking. You can then create videos based on those questions. The comment responses in Youtube are not indexed, so when you create a video response, Youtube and Google will index it for people that have the same questions.

Take time to think through questions that your customers should be asking you that might save you some time on delivering your product or service to them. When you take this proactive approach, you may come to find that you’ll save some time and headache by overcoming any obstacles that could have reduced product or service quality.

Tips & Tricks Videos

These types of videos might take a little longer to create, but the payoff is well worth the effort. When you can show people how to resolve their problems, you establish yourself as the authority figure. When they have people asking them “how did you learn that” or “where did you find the answer to that”, those viewers will refer your videos to those who ask. You will be someone that people will actually reference and go to for their problems.

Similarly, when you begin to explain how you and your business do certain things, you might overwhelm the viewer into buying your product or service because they will realize that what you offer can’t be done by a beginner. Because you gave them the information they were looking for, they will feel a sense of obligation or reciprocation to use your product or service to get the job done.

Pro Tip: Don’t hold back on information. When you enable people, they will want to return the favor and you will attract a lot of social capital to get in front of more people. If you won’t give them the pieces of information they’re looking for or if you don’t give them their “ah-ha” moments, they will look elsewhere for that. They’re gonna get it either way, you might as well be the one that gives it to them.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Nothing can outweigh the voice of a satisfied customer. When you can get a customer to get in front of the camera and share their experience of your product or service, people will be more inclined to buy from you. Better yet, you can transcribe that video and share it on your blog or put it on an image for a social media post to share.

When you get enough of people’s feedback for your product or service, you can then make a video montage of text and video to have another piece of video content for social media.

Customer testimonials are worth their weight in gold and try to get as many as you can.

I like to compare case studies to resume experiences—it’s all hearsay and the reader [or viewer] is only hearing it from your perspective. Case studies can be powerful because, most of the time, you’re sharing your perspective of the client you were working with at the time and your prospects can get a glimpse of how you might perceive them. They will see your work from your point of view and determine if you [or the company] has the personality they want to work with.

Case studies are worth sharing if you don’t have any or as many customer testimonials to share. You can use them in your marketing campaigns in video, text, or image.


There are videos that you could be making as quickly as after leaving this article. Don’t get caught up in equipment, trying to look good in front of the camera, or a place to film; do it now. You’ll have plenty of time to re-iterate on your content and progress throughout your video creation. Most creators look back on when they first started creating video and the only regret they have is not getting started sooner.