Prospecting Without Door Knocking

So you want to prospect without door-knocking or cold calling, but you want people to still listen to what you have to say. In other words you want to do interruptive marketing without the leg work—so what do you do?

You have to replace sweat equity with money. You either invest by putting forth hard work or you invest by giving up your money— very rarely can you not do work and still get people coming to you for business without paying for it in some way.

How Do You Replace Sweat Equity With Money?

First you have to look at your outlets. If you don’t want to go out and knock doors or if you don’t want to get on the phone and make phone calls, the only other option is paid marketing. When you think of paid marketing, generally what comes to mind are Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram ads, and YouTube ads. All of these require some sort of commitment in time and effort to learn and you still may not see results.

Other efforts could be from lead gen websites that their only objective is to get people’s information and sell them to you and your competitors and leave it to you to compete.

The shortcut is paying for someone to generate leads for you that will come directly to you without you having to cold call or door knock.

How Do You Lead Gen Without Door Knocking or Cold Calling? 

The short answer is Facebook marketing. Social media marketing has become the “door knocking” and “cold calling” of our generation. Before, it was if you could knock doors or dial numbers, you were the hustler. Now, you need to create valuable content to get people’s attention for them to call you. The person with the biggest marketing budget wins the race.

You need to outspend your competitors. With the ability to retarget people who came to your site or have seen your ads, you can let facebook or google do the interruptive marketing for you with the content you created and get leads to convert.

It’s still a numbers game, the more you’re able to spend, the more you’re able to reach. The more you reach, the more opportunities. But instead of only numbers, it’s verbiage, it’s demographic, it’s engagement. People are using the internet to converse, research, and buy.

Get their attention online, redirect them to the phone or your business location, and now you’ll have people coming to you for business. The only thing you have to worry about it calling them back and closing the deal.


Our generation’s attention is online. Your door knocking or calling is a one time impression. Social media ads track impressions and will retarget people again and again. It would be pretty awkward if you knocked a neighborhood’s door 2-3 per day, right? Not to mention how much time that would take. Social media marketing is the answer, paying for someone to lead gen on your behalf is the answer, it’s like a social faucet you can regulate for your business to keep it growing.