Shoot to Sell™ Real Estate Photography eBrochure

Why Ben Accinelli LLC for Real Estate Photography?

At Ben Accinelli LLC we Shoot to Sell™ your product and service. The product is the house and the service is you.

Our approach is not to sell just the home, but to create marketing content from your listing that you can use throughout your entire career.

Ben Accinelli LLC is not just me—we have photo editors, video editors, graphic artists, project managers and real estate photographers ready to take your listing and real estate business to the next level.

When you book an appointment, we’ll go out and shoot the best angles for the best equipment that will show off the property in the best light.

We’ll edit those photos or videos and our project manager will deliver them to you or your transaction coordinator.

We also have graphics templates you can use after the photos are ready.

If you get our real estate marketing package will even upload your video to Zillow and provide you with a lead capture website.

You’re not getting just a photographer, you’re getting my entire team.

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Real Estate Photography Samples

Our real estate photos are professionally shot and hand-blended to ensure you have the best marketing content for your listing.

We take multiple exposures and even use flash at times to ensure we get see-through windows and accurate colors.

We choose the best angles to show off the home, but you also get awesome marketing content you can use throughout your entire career and not just listing.

Any real estate photo package you order comes with the next-day delivery so you can get your listing up and going as quickly as possible.

The only time we’re not able to deliver the next-day is when we do twilights. The reason why is because with twilight, we can’t begin production until the next day, since the photos get uploaded so late on the day of the shoot.

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Real Estate Drone Photography Samples 

Because we’re drone licensed real estate photographers, we shoot our homes as a photographer should and not just shooting in a spray-and-pray method.

Our shots are intentional so we can Shoot to Sell™ your property.

In Utah, drone is very important to showcase mountains and lakes close to homes.

You may not realize it, but there are plenty of selling features a home can show that only a drone can capture.

If you’re not using drones in your real estate photography, you may be missing out on getting top dollar in your listing or risking having your listing stay on the market for a little longer.

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Real Estate Twilight Photography Samples

Twilight real estate photography sets the tone for your home and helps to make it stand out from the other homes on the MLS.

Homes with real twilight images sell the fact that the home is higher-end, even against their own neighbors.

Twilights are great if you’re looking to set your home up against other homes in the area, or even build your portfolio of luxury listings.

Twilights are at an additional cost because if they weren’t, then every home would have twilights and it would devalue the effectiveness of twilights.

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Real Estate Video Tour Samples

Real estate videos can help sell the listing by helping to connect the rooms and the layout of the home.

Depending on the type of video, it will also help you to not only sell the home quicker and for more money, but to set yourself apart from other agents resulting in higher quality buyers and sellers.

When someone is familiar with the home—even before they arrive—there’s an instant connection when they walk in; otherwise they would have already passed on the home after watching the video.

I’ll admit that our videos are not cinematic. Cinematic videos do not sell the space, but instead it sells the agent. When a seller sees only the agent getting attention and not their home, they may think you’re only using their home to get you more business. But you can do both by using practical real estate video walkthroughs that actually sell the home and by having a branded call to action that markets you as listing agent.

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Real Estate Single-Property Website Samples

Think of websites as an e-brochure—they help you display the home professionally as well as making your service look like a high-end marketing boutique.

Sellers consider those who take their home selling experience seriously and having a single-property website says just that.

When you order our real estate marketing package, it comes with a website so it has a one-stop location to showcase everything you have for the listing.

These real estate websites will host photos, flyers, videos, virtual tours, floor plans and more.

Whatever you have that can help sell the home, this property website can show that to prospective buyers.

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Real Estate Virtual Tour Samples

Like videos, virtual tours can help connect the rooms and layout of the home to the buyer.

Our virtual tours are hosted by Zillow, but blocks any viewer from going to Zillow. Virtual tours give the buyer the controls they need to see what’s important to them as though they’re at the actual property.

Consider using virtual tours when homes might be a little bit more difficult to showcase; or for investment properties; or if you’re wanting to open the listing up to out of state buyers.

By leveraging Zillow, its virtual tour platform. Your listing will get pushed out to more viewers and buyers to increase exposure to the property.

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Real Estate Floor Plan Samples

Floor Plans are similar to virtual tours in that the buyer is able to see what the layout looks like.

When you use our floor plans with our single-property feature, your listing will get a similar effect—if not better—than a virtual tour property.

We’ll be able to add real estate photos to the locations on the floor plans so you get to see the layout and a photo of the room to get a better context of the navigation of the home.

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Real Estate Digital Graphics Samples

Over the years, we’ve been hand-crafting our flyers for every photo package, whether you use them or not. But now we have our own platform that has pre-made templates ready to use at the click of a button.

We’ve also created customized templates that you can use in the “Custom” part of the brochure section.

Okay, so you have templates to create your own design—so what?

The biggest feature of this is that these templates auto populate with your real estate listing photos, listing description if you have it loaded, listing details like address & price, some of these template designs will even auto populate with your agent information—more than half the work is done.

Just select the design, fine tune it to your liking, download, and use.

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Shoot to Sell™ Broker Loyalty Package for Real Estate Photography

Our broker package is a hand-crafted package to ensure your agents get the most bang for their buck. The package value is at $600, But upon commitment, your agents will pay no more than $347 before tax. The package includes 25 photos with drone, a virtual tour,  a single-property website with a lead capture feature,  digital graphics and next-day delivery on photos.

With this package, you’ll have everything you need to market your listing at the most affordable cost. As I mentioned, $347 will be the most an agent would pay; and depending on how many times your brokers orders real estate photography from us, that $347 can decrease down to $295, $278 or even $260 before tax.

Click the red button above, fill out the form, and type this code SHOOTTOSELL  to see what discount you’re getting.

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