My Latest Work

I never want to stand still no matter what profession I’m in. I always look for opportunities to expand my skills and learn something new. My latest venture, which started in June 2016, is 360 video. I feel that this is an opportunity to bring experiences to those who are not as fortunate to experience it for themselves. I get the biggest thrill when people watch my videos with the VR headset and to see their expression of reliving my experiences.

Key Clients & Projects

Live Action Video


  • This is the Help Center playlist from Thumbtack’s YouTube channel. These videos were all created in-house. I recorded the voice actress, created the animations, and synced them together with music and SFX.

    Click the “Youtube” icon at the bottom to see the full list or CLICK HERE to open in a new tab.



    • This was my second project with Soul Punch. We had three different cameras and lenses to ensure we capture all emotions and candidness needed to make this episode meaningful. The challenge I faced was not taking into consideration the sunlight and where it would be within next the half hour. As you can see towards the end, the shots were getting blown out and we couldn’t afford to stop the interview to reposition everything.
    • This project with Soul Punch was fun to do. We had a service project with people we recruited through Facebook. This video was created over three days of gathering footage and talking head to put the message together. The challenge I faced with this was the hard shadows from the sunlight. Also, I didn’t have all of the necessary equipment and had to quickly rent some audio equipment to do the interviews.
  • I donated my time, talent, and resources in making this video to help out one of my friends to raise money for LLS. I had a friend who passed away because of Leukemia and I felt useless in that I couldn’t help him in his battle. He was a friend who got me into film and helped me learn the basics of shooting video and screen captures. I had the opportunity and honor of being able to give back to help out a foundation that helps in cancer research and helping others beat the battle of leukemia. This video is about a five year old boy who won his battle against leukemia.

Fun Videos