Getting Started with

What Is is a crazy awesome service that will allow you to grow your real estate business and standout from the crowd. Through, you show your customers that you care.

How? By sending them a personalized greeting card for whatever occasion or event in their life. You can also send treats like brownies and cookies. People are more receptive to your services when they feel valued and validated.

For example, if see someone in your facebook feed just buy a new car and they posted a picture of it, save it, upload it to SOC and send them a congratulations card for about a dollar. They will remember you next time they need to buy or sell a home.

If you're working converting a FSBO to use your service as a rockstar real estate agent, send them a picture of their home and let them know how much you care on helping them make the most of the selling experience.

People don't care how much you know until they know (or see) how much you care.

Now that we know what value that can come from SOC, let's get started!

Signing Up With

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Start by going to and click on join on the upper right hand side. You should be brought to a menu showing all of the services and bundles available.


Just to get you familiar with the bundles and services, you do not have to sign up with a specific subscription. You can pay as you go, but you’ll get the best deals if you subscribe or bundle your service.

Let me explain…

Send out cards is based on a point system. Every card and product requires a certain amount of points. Depending on how you’re set up, these points can cost anywhere from $.66 and as low as $.39.

What you’ll want to consider is how many people you’ll be reaching out to per month. You can always try the pay-as-you-go plan and upgrade from there.

By subscribing, you’ll pay as little as $.39 per month which is the lowest you can do for the month at $39 per month—no commitment.

This does have the watermark, so you’re clients or prospects will see how you’re fulfilling your service, which isn’t bad—it’s like having hallmark branded on your cards.

If you go with the bundles, you do get a little more perks, but if you’re just starting out as a real estate agent or a solo agent, it’s best to start as small as you can at first and then grow into service.

Subscription and Bundles

Starting at $195, this gets your the "custom brand manager" which allows you to put your logo on the card rather than having "" on everything; it gives you 4 custom signatures. Now these are literal hand-written signatures you send in and sendoutcards digitizes it. 100 bonus points are issued just for the first month and the ability to add additional points at $.39.

Great, 100 bonus points, but what does that actually mean? Like a said earlier, works with a point system. A basic postcard, should I say “branded” postcard with a personal message AND photo is only 1 point.

You can send a branded 2 panel card, with a personalized message, images, and branded for only 3 points.

Here’s what you get as of early 2018.

Image Image

What's The Catch?

Here’s the catch—if you want to call it that—you HAVE TO buy the monthly subscription at $39/ month on top of the bundle price. This actually is still a pretty good deal.

Here’s why…

Let’s go with the Personal Bundle for instance, that’s $195 for the year and it gets you basically white label products with your branding and a few signatures.

$195 over 12 months is $16.25 per month on top of the $39/month subscription fee. Here’s what you need to remember, the $195 is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT and that INCLUDES your first month. You are charged the $39 subscription fee AFTER the first month. Your first month from purchasing the bundle will start you off with 100 bonus points and your second month will start you off with 100 bonus points. As long as you’re subscribed, you can purchase more at the rate of $.39.

It gets even better…

The personal bundle is the $195 one-time payment for the year—for the FIRST year. You don’t pay that again. The second year with the personal bundle, you pay only $49 as a renewal fee and then you continue with the $39/month.


All of the other bundles (Marketing Bundle & Business Bundle) have a small renewal fee, as well.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and want to grow your real estate business, this is definitely a tool worth considering.