How Much Do You Charge For Real Estate Photography?

If you’re a real estate agent in Utah, you can expect to pay, on average $130 just for photos, as of early 2018. The standard number of photos per location is about 25 photos. The quality you can expect is at best, HDR.

According to, the average house size in America is around 2,400 square feet.

For the sake of this article, let’s say a 2,400 sqft home in Utah is around $250,000—which is low. A 3% commission for selling that home would be approximately $7,500.

If you pay $130 for pics that are standard, average, and ordinary, that’s actually not a bad deal. However, if you’re an above-average agent or broker—in other words “extra” ordinary agent (see what I did there)—you’d not only want to sell the home quickly for the most amount of money, but you’re gonna need to KEEP YOUR PIPELINE FULL.

What you need is CONTENT that will attract other SELLERS to use YOU for their listing.

You want to look at real estate photos as an asset rather than a necessary evil. You can treat it as a liability of something you need to do in order to sell a house, or you can flip it and make it something you look forward to so you can attract more sellers.

Not only do you need more photos—which will accrue more cost—but you’re gonna need aerials (real estate drone photos) to get the non-traditional, yet eye-catching, look for your listing.

Great, more expenses (that’s sarcasm).

How much does it cost to get an aerial photo of your house?

Actually, let’s explore that real quick. Doing a quick google search for “UT Real Estate Photographer”, I was able to find a few sites with their pricing. On average, prices for real estate drone photography or aerial real estate photos are around $175 EXTRA.

So now, you’re sitting at around $205 for what you’re needing to spend—IF who you choose has a drone license.

Not only that, what if you had a listing video to sprinkle all over the internet? How about a real estate listing video that shows your contact info? How great would that be?! But that’s ANOTHER expense.

How much does it cost to get a real estate video?

Let’s talk about that. Searching, again, for “UT Real Estate Photographer”, most places don’t even offer this as an added expense—because they don’t even consider doing it. One expert does offer this service, but it’s at an ADDITIONAL $149 if the photos are ALREADY taken.

Sheesh, that $130 amount adds up quick if you’re wanting to stand out as an rockstar agent. It comes out to be about $354 for a 2,400 sqft home in Utah. But don’t fret! If you’re needing some help on your next listing, I’m your guy. Here’s a video.