Sony a7s vs Panasonic GH4: And the Winner Is…

A little over a year ago I walked into my local camera store ready to purchase the Panasonic GH4. I did my research, checked my bank, and was ready to trade in my Canon 6D for it.

When I walked in, I was immediately questioned, “why do you want the GH4?”

And I thought to myself, “ok, um… it records in 4k, it had a swivel screen, dynamic range was reported to be the best, and it had a similar feel to DSLRs.”

Then the guy tells me about the Sony a7s.

“Better body build, the BEST when it comes to low light, the BEST dynamic range, and if you want to record in 4k, it has a better recording bit-rate than the GH4.”


That was until I actually started to use it.

The UI wasn’t the best, the ergonomics was horrible, battery life was almost non-existent—I had buyer’s remorse BIG time.

BUT, I wanted to give it fighting chance. A month later, the a7s ii came out (are you serious) and the a7r ii (reported to be better than the a7s).

So I tried to return it, but couldn’t—tough.

Anyway, I learned the quirks that came with the camera and the camera seriously held its ground even with all of its downfalls.

I have a love-hate relationship with this camera, but I haven’t met a camera that comes close to beating its picture.

I hope this review helps you with your buying decision. If you have to, and I would highly suggest this—RENT YOUR UPGRADES FIRST!

It’s better to be out the 20 or 30 bucks than a couple of thousand—DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

That’s all.