Hiking Zion’s Emerald Pools in 360º

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Recording in 360

Hiking Zion’s Emerald Pools in 360º was extremely fun and challenging. I was able to get the start of the hike with scenic views, the lower pools, one of the middle pools, and the upper pool.

What to Expect

We have a 4 year old and 6 year old and they were able to hike to the middle pools and back, no problem. Just around the lower pools were a couple of spots where you can stop for snacks and seating. The staircase to the middle pools will burn the thighs, but not too difficult for kids. At the middle pools, kids can play in the sand and in shallow waters. There are two pools you can visit. You can see the second middle pool by going straight when given the opportunity to turn right to go up to the upper pool.

The upper pool trail isn’t that strenuous, but the hike is worth the view. It’s a larger “pond”, if you will. You can’t go swimming in it, but you can wade in the pool. Kids will often climb on the boulders and play in the sand. This area is well shaded and cool during a hot day.

Want to Take the Kids?

Bring some sand toys to play with if you have smaller kids. Sandals and a change of clothes is recommended if your kids want to play in the shallow stream and wet sand at Zion’s Emerald Pools